Custom Printed Gift Boxes

BlackBird packaging got you cover up if you are looking for custom gift boxes. We are one of the leading companies in the packaging industry. Our main motive is to enhance our customer’s experience. Our company is well-known for its quick turnaround time. When you have ordered your boxes we dispatch them as soon as possible. Thanks to our specialists we have up-to-date machines that consist of offset and digital technology. We don’t have a limit to the order quantity. Here is also a treat for our customers! We don’t charge any shipping charges. BlackBird packaging will also provide you with free design assistance. We can complete your every requirement, guide us and get your specified product.

Custom Gift Boxes Manufacturer and Supplier in USA

A gift box can enhance the overall look and value of your product. BlackBird packaging will assist you to leave a long-lasting impression on your customers. There is a very great demand for gift boxes. Can you imagine a world where custom gift boxes don’t exist? No right. In this modern world when you are running a business you need to keep up with the market trends. If you don’t do so, then you have to face its consequences. With our boxes, you can make an addition of a human element to your brand. Now let’s delve deeper and understand what things a brand should know about gift boxes.

Elevates your customer’s experience

Obtain our boxes if you are willing to enhance your user experience. Our custom gift boxes will tell the story of your brand, in addition to that they are also cost-effective and durable. At the day’s end, you will be able to attract a lot of customers to your brand. They will create a room between you and your competitors. The value of your products will enhance with our gift box. Moreover, you turn your regular customers into brand ambassadors. When the customers will be happy with your brand, you can increase your sales. At our company, there is no limit to the order quantity. So it’s up to you how many boxes you order from us.

Brand loyalty

If you are new in the market and are willing to gain the trust of your customers then contact us. According to some research, packaging plays an important role in repeat purchases. If the customers enjoy your service they will surely come back to you. One of the main reasons that they come back is they feel a sense of belonging. Custom Logo gift boxes will help you in the marketing of your brand. The customers will be aware of your brand because boxes often travel to a lot of places.

Protection of your gift

We are fully aware that when you send a gift to your loved ones you want it to reach in perfect condition. But if you choose packaging that is not sturdy enough then there are very high chances of damage to your product. We use cardboard and Kraft materials in our packaging. Both of them are sturdy enough that they can face extreme pressures. The most common gift that people give to their loved ones is chocolate. As you know chocolate is a very delicate product. A little pressure can affect its appearance. During its shipping, you need a durable box. Custom gift boxes Wholesale will help you in this regard. We will provide you with free shipping services to our customers. When brands save up on these little expenses they can earn more.

Customize according to your product

Every gift is of a different size so you need a different box for every gift. You can guide us with the size and shape of your gift. We will manufacture a box according to it. When people are gifting a ring to their loved one they’ll need a small box. If they are gifting a teddy bear or a set of cosmetic items then they’ll need a bigger box. You can also add a ribbon to the box. We have the latest machines so it is not hard for us to print various textures on the box. Little hearts on the box will give it a perfect look. At BlackBird packaging you can also add inserts to make your custom Printed gift boxes more protective. You can avail yourself of our free design assistance offer. The order will reach you in a matter of no time.


By procuring our custom gift boxes with Logo you can avail of two things. You can make your loved ones happy and keep Mother Nature safe. The condition of Earth is worsening day by day. Most packaging companies are using harmful materials like plastic in their manufacturing. Plastic takes thousands of years to decompose, and while decomposing it emits harmful chemicals that affect the environment. But with us, you can eliminate these risks. We use Kraft and cardboard, both of which are easy to decompose. These are some of the exciting things that you can enjoy by working with us.

Reach us Today

BlackBird packaging is one of the famous companies in the packaging industry. We have experience in manufacturing every type of box. Contact us at 501-235-8006. Feel free to get in touch with us, we will definitely love to help you. You can also contact us by our Email: sales@blackbirdpackaging.comWe are available 24/7. BlackBird is here to convert your imagination into reality. We are the magicians of the packaging industry. There are specialists at our company who knows well how to carry out their work. If you still have any query contact on the above-mentioned details.


How shipping charges are charged?

BlackBird packaging doesn’t charge any shipping charges.

Can I customize the box according to my own will?

Yes you can guide us with the size of your gift and we will manufacture it according to your requirements

What is the maximum limit of the order?

There is no such maximum limit to the order quantity so you can order any quantity you want.